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Srijeda, Rujan 22, 2021
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This guide covers the basics of installing a template.

Downloading the necessary files

To install the template, you need the following file:-

  • Quasar Template rt_quasar_j15.tgz - This is the template file that you use to install into Joomla.

There are other files that you may wish to download that accompany the release, but are not required for the template to work.

  • Quasar Source PNG(s) quasar-sources.zip - This contains all the Adobe Fireworks PNG source files for the template, and if applicable, the logo font.

Step 1 - Using the Joomla installer

  • Login into the Joomla administrator (http://yoursite.com/administrator)
  • Go to Extensions → Install/Uninstall
  • Select the browse button and find rt_quasar_j15.tgz
  • Click Upload & Install

The template is now installed.

Step 2 - Making Quasar Default

  • Login into the Joomla administrator (http://yoursite.com/administrator)
  • Go to Extensions → Template Manager
  • Find rt_quasar_j15
  • Select the radio icon to its left
  • Click Default in the top right button menu

The template is now default and will appear as your site theme.